How to Pack for a Summer Conference

Last week I attended my first conference of the season. For some reason, figuring out what to pack for these three and four day events causes me headaches for the weeks leading up. Sometimes it’s hard to know the level of formality until you get there, and events are often added at the last minute. After way too much time agonizing over my choices, I came up with these seven pieces. With this list, you can be prepared for anything! Add the blazer to make an outfit more formal, or lose the top layer for a casual feel. Regardless, wear shoes comfortable for walking and always have a pashmina in your bag in case the conference hall is cold. (See the rest of my conference survival tips here.)

Here are the seven pieces:

How to pack for a summer conference list

  • Sheath dress
  • Blazer
  • Cropped slacks
  • Cardigan
  • Blouse
  • Tee
  • Skirt or second dress
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Belts, jewelry, scarves

As always, you can make far more than the five outfits shown here. For example, you could add the cardigan or blazer to the second dress, or wear the blouse under the sheath dress. The outfits here are:

Packing for summer conference outfits

  • Sheath dress+blazer+colorful flats+statement necklace
  • Cropped pants+blouse+flats
  • Sheath dress+cardigan+belt+flats
  • Fun dress+belt+colorful flats
  • Cropped pants+tee+blazer+scarf

Readers, what are your favorite conference outfits?

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  1. For these fashion posts, I would LOVE links to the items or similar items. For example, I need to own that yellow necklace.

  2. Have you ever had something happen to your clothes while on a business trip and had to find a laundromat? Do you have any tips for finding a good one / generally how to deal with the situation?

  3. @Audrey, in that case I’ve used the hotel’s laundry service. (It was lucky for me that the hotel had one in this case, as I was at a conference center outside of Rome with no car.)

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