What To Pack for a Four Day Trip

During the visit with my aunt and uncle last week, they told me how they are going to Portland in May to visit their grandson. My aunt lamented the additional cost they were going to incur by checking their bags on Continental. Immediately my packing instinct (which I definitely was not born with, see this post) went into overdrive. “You don’t have to check your bags for a four day trip! You can each take a carry-on suitcase and a backpack and be good to go,” I said, then gave her a list of what to pack. This works for business trips and personal trips, just bring the correct type of clothes (i.e. slacks instead of jeans).

Packing essentials four day trip

What to pack for a four day trip:

In your suitcase (try this one from Travelpro or this one from Briggs & Riley)

(Choose your travel outfits from these clothes as well)

  • Two bottoms, one comfortable for travel, one suitable for dinner (i.e. slacks, jeans, shorts, a skirt)
  • Four tops that coordinate with both of your bottoms
  • At least one light jacket or sweater (unless you need a heavier jacket)
  • No more than three pairs of shoes, including a pair of flip flops
  • Enough undergarments, including socks/hose
  • Something to sleep in
  • Something to work out in
  • Toiletries (see my toiletry list here)
  • Chargers (phone, laptop, etc)

In your purse/backpack

  • Phone, wallet, lipstick, keys, etc.
  • Boarding pass
  • Laptop (if needed)
  • Liquids bag
  • Scarf/pashmina
  • Kindle
  • Travel umbrella

And with that you should be good to go! Carrying-on for a four day trip is pretty easy.

My packing list for the last four-day trip I took:

  • Black slacks, gray pinstripe slacks
  • Red cardigan, pink 3/4 sleeve cardigan, gray tunic sweater, teal short sleeved sweater (with coordinating camisoles)
  • Red winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves
  • Blue flats, gray boots, flip flops
  • Yoga pants and tank for sleeping and yoga
  • Toiletries
  • Curling iron

In my purse:


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  1. Just read all the recent postings. This warriorette is brilliant. Informative and winsome. Thanks.

  2. Love your list – my downfall to packing is running shoes – what can I say I am addicted?

    Found you through Corporette – LOVE that knitting is in your purse. Are you on Ravelry?

  3. Hi Kate

    I think that flip flops don’t have to count as a pair of shoes since they are so small, and that makes room for your running shoes. It’s packing a pair of shoes for each outfit that gets you into trouble!

    Yes I am on ravelry. Knitting keeps me sane! It’s like yoga for your hands.

    and btw, I love Corporette 🙂

  4. Um no don’t think so, I’m going to dc and walking around all day for four days, you’ve GOTTA bring 4 or 5 pairs of almost EVERYTHING, and you can’t forget condoms 🙂

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