Green Travel Tip: Less Washing of the Linens!!

In honor of Earth Day on Thursday, April 22, all of my posts this week are going to focus on some aspect of traveling green. If you know of something I should write about, send me an email!

a stack of white towelsThis may be something that people consider elemental, but I wanted to call it out nonetheless. When you are at home, do you wash your towels and sheets every time you use them? Thought not. Whenever you are staying in a hotel, hang up your towel. (Sometimes I have noticed they replace the towel anyway, but if you leave it on the floor they will for sure replace it, right?) Also, let the front desk know not to change your sheets, or use the card the hotel provides. There is no reason for anyone to change their sheets during a short hotel stay. (Now if you are there for two weeks, that is a different story.)

Better yet, put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign during your entire stay. Unless you are really messy, all that effort vacuuming, wiping down counters, etc is a waste of energy and resources. Of course, it is really nice to not have worry about making my bed every day…..


  1. I do the “Do Not Disturb” route. Unless they just fold the old towels it seems like they just take hanging towels and leave me new ones.
    DND ensures no linens will be changed.

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