First business trip

Try new business travel booking tool Upside and get free Bose headset

Does it seem strange to you that there aren’t any websites or apps designed for helping independent business travelers select their travel options? In all of the conversations I’ve had with fellow travelers over the last decade, it’s clear there is a relatively large group of people who are responsible for booking their own travel,…

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Making a good impression on a business trip

We focus a lot on the “transit” part of business travel–flights, hotels, etc–because that experience is fairly universal, regardless of industry or job. But the actual most important part of business travel is–shocker–when you arrive at the office you’ve traveled all this way to visit. Making a good impression on a business trip is critical…

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Pack efficiently with the Road Warriorette Business Trip Packing Checklist

You guys know I love talking about what to pack for your business trips. I’ve had my own packing lists and checklists galore for years, and gotten tons of requests from readers to share. Good news-today I am finally releasing my Business Trip Packing Checklist! There is absolutely no reason to not be able to…

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