Traveling With Wireless Earbuds–Help a Reader!

Are there tricks to traveling with wireless earbuds, rather than wired? Reader S wonders….

Hi Road Warriorette! I am SO OVER traveling with my wired iPhone earbuds. If I’m trying to talk or listen to a call while doing anything else, like walk through the airport or pay for coffee, I get all tangled up. The earbuds get jerked out of my ear several times every trip and I’m just so tired of it. Do you have any tips for switching to a wireless or bluetooth pair? Any suggestions for what to buy? I’m scared about them falling out, or that I’ll lose one, but I’ve got to at least try something else. Thank you!

Reader S, I can totally relate. I have gotten to that point myself, and actually received a pair of bluetooth earbuds for Christmas. Unfortunately I can’t really recommend mine, because while I love them for listening to music and podcasts I don’t like them for conference calls–people say I sound muffled when I speak. (Although if you plan to use them only for listening, they cancel outside sound really well and I love using them for walks. The ones I got are sold out but these seem to be the closest version.)

Because this is so new to me I don’t have a ton of best practices of my own yet. I try to remember to put them back in their little charging case anytime I take them off, because I’m paranoid they’ll get lost in my enormous purse. Every night I plug the case in to charge when I plug in my phone and other devices. They feel very secure so I am not afraid of one just falling out. But I still bring my regular, wired headphones for conference calls (and yet another pair just in case my plane has built-in in flight entertainment).

My sister loves her Apple AirPods but I’m having a hard time swallowing the $130 price tag.

Readers, do you have wireless earbuds? Any recommendations for Reader S on brand, style, etc? Are Apple AirPods really worth the price?


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  1. Had the Apple ones- uncomfortable in my ears and I think folks look like they have bug antenna sticking out of their ears. Taotronics has some that are good for listening to music, etc. but terrible with calls. Jabra 65t are highly rated, comfortable, and easy to use. The Jabra ones are my daily use wireless earbuds.

  2. I was also a skeptic but I loooove my Apple AirPods. I actually throw in a pair of wired headphones for using with in-seat entertainment on longer flights, though, just because it’s easier. My husband has a bluetooth headphone dongle thingy I bought him for xmas one year that allows him to bluetooth into the in-seat entertainment – he likes it a lot.

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