Taking eReaders through airport security

a close-up of a kindle readerYou guys know I sing the praises of TSA Pre-check all the time. It can be such a great timesaver when it works.

Alas, it doesn’t always work. For someone like me, who has had Pre-check for almost five years, it’s probably good to have to go through a somewhat normal security experience every once in a while. Keeps me humble, right?

On my most recent trip the X-ray machine wasn’t working at the checkpoint I typically use, and the only checkpoint with Pre-check was a 10-15 minute walk from my gate. I figured, how bad could normal security be? And went to the normal line. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t great, and it definitely reaffirmed my love for Pre-check.

My most important takeaway: in many airports Kindles and other eReaders have to come out of your bag, just like computers. If you are going through a checkpoint without Pre-check I advise you to go ahead and take out computers, tablets, and eReaders. The TSA Agent checking my bag said this changed about a year ago.

And don’t forget: whether you have Pre-check or not, once you go through the metal detector or body scanner, make sure to pick up your belongings and move out of the way. Don’t block the line to put everything back into your bag! There are usually chairs or benches to the side where you can do this without slowing everyone else down.

Readers, do you have Pre-check? If so, have you gone through normal security recently? How did it go?


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