What to pack for a business trip

There are many schools of thought about how to pack for a business trip. Some people like to have options. I think options are great! Except for that whole carrying everything you take thing.

My first business trip (four days) I took four separate outfits, a couple of “option” shirts, a large toiletry kit, four pairs of shoes…….and I could not lift my suitcase. By the time I got to San Jose I was so ready to go to my hotel and get some food. But instead I waited for my bag at baggage claim. And waited. And waited. Literally twenty minutes after the first bag came onto the carousel (and fifty minutes after I got off the plane) my bag came. I then had to drag it to the rental car bus. And those of you who have been to San Jose know that the rental cars are not close or convenient to the terminals. (This was also the first time I rented a car, but that is a whole other story.) I finally got to my hotel an hour and a half after my flight landed. To add insult to injury: I wore less than half of the clothes I brought.

Three years later, I have learned my lesson!! Don’t pack “outfits”. If you really feel like you need options, pack tops that go with all of your bottoms. That way, for example, you have a possible eight outfits with two bottoms and four tops.

My current packing list for a four day trip:
1 pair of black pants (wear on plane)
1 pair of Capri pants or a skirt
1 pair of jeans or casual pants
4 cute tops (that match with all bottoms)
Yoga pants and tank top for sleeping
Enough undergarments for every day plus one extra
Carry-on toiletries
Curling iron
Comfy travel shoes (wear on plane)
Comfy nice shoes for work

All easily carried in one small carry-on suitcase and one large purse. Lesson learned!!

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