Treats On A Plane

Happy late-Thanksgiving everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a more eventful holiday than I would have liked (pipes getting clogged, dishwasher draining into sink, water spilling out onto the floor, plumbers called…..sigh) but it was still lots of fun and filled with lots of family. The only traveling we did was drive a few hours to spend time with Home Warrior’s parents. Our drive was completely uneventful, although it was entertaining to see how full all of the store parking lots were at 8am.

I know there are many others (including my own family) who did lots of traveling, and therefore have some very interesting anecdotes. I have read many stories in many blogs, but this is by far the best.  One of my favorite blog-writers, Just Bea, had a heck of  a plane trip to visit her family.

Treats on a Plane

“I don’t blame you for having kids.  I think kids are great.  I someday hope to have a couple of the little buggers.  However, what I do blame you for is you and your spouse bringing four kids under the age of five on an airplane and falling asleep while they kick my chair for two and a half hours.  Oh and then dirty themselves.  I do not understand why it took you almost twenty minutes to notice.  I noticed.  I noticed immediately.

I get it, really I do.  You have the same rights that I do to travel freely about the country this merry holiday season.  But I do not think that you have the right to fall asleep, both of you, for the entire flight.  It seems tough not to notice your sons playing tug of war.  From two separate rows.  Also, hard to believe that you can’t hear them yelling to each other about the “snow” (which is actually clouds, which is kind of cute but whatever).

That’s all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

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