Travel Observations

Only in Vegas

a book cover with bees

It was a flight like any other.  I gaze out the window at the beautiful desert landscape.  The captain comes on with our weather: “Bright and sunny day in Las Vegas today with a temperature of ninety eight degrees. Enjoy the temps under a hundred while you can!”  I put my laptop away and brace…

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America Commutes

a collage of infographics

Everybody loves a good infographic, right?? As part of the contest I did with Contigo last month, they sent me this awesome Infographic. Some highlights: Over 128 million Americans commute to work every day, for an average of 25 minutes each way. Around 90% drive, 5% take public transportation, and another 5% fly. Half a…

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FAA to relax ban on use of electronic devices

a water bottle next to a blue wallet

Good news? Bad news? Depends. The FAA (according to Fox News) is going to relax the restrictions on using some personal electronic devices on runways and at low altitudes. Examples given were eReaders, cell phones (in airplane mode), and tablets. Frequent fliers get very frustrated with the ridiculous rules and varying degrees of strictness, so…

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Regional Differences

Something a frequent traveler notices pretty quickly is regional differences. Sometimes it’s clothing related—I’ve noticed (and I’m sure I’m not the first) that New Yorkers wear a lot of black, while in the South there is way more color. Or it could be local vernacular, like saying “y’all” in the South or putting “the” in…

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