Quick Packing Tip

Last week I met a nice woman on the flight home from Nashville. It was her first business trip, and she was telling me about her day.  It had not gone as smoothly as one might hope, and she ended it with, “And I only got five hours of sleep  because the flight last night was delayed, and this morning I had to get up and iron my pants!”

This may be a no brainer for a lot of us, but, friends, when you are traveling, please do not pack anything that needs to be ironed. I am not a big fan of clothes that need to be ironed anyway, but especially during traveling.  By the time you get to your hotel, you just want to check your email and go to bed! You don’t want to stay up (or get up early) to iron. There are so many professional, cute, non-wrinkly clothes that you can take! There are even button downs now that you don’t have to iron.

My go-to outfit for travel during the winter is a pair of no-wrinkle black slacks, like these from TravelSmith, a sweater like this one from Banana Republic, a jacket, scarf, and cute (professional yet comfy) flats like these. When you get to your hotel, pull your clothes out of your suitcase and hang them up, and in the morning you will be good to go. Without ironing.

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