Quick Safety Tip

I was perusing the Women Travelers board on FlyerTalk this morning, and read a lengthy discussion about travel safety for women. Most of the requests the posters had are very similar to mine , but there was one new one that I hadn’t heard before that jumped out at me.

Whenever I am checking in and the front desk person asks me, "How many keys?" I always say, "Just one." It never occurred to me (until this morning) that by saying that I was broadcasting to anyone in the lobby that I am a female traveling alone. So, from now on, I am going to say, "Two keys please!" And I recommend that you all do the same.


  1. It’s also good to have 2 keys because I seem to always have 1 that isn’t coded or quickly gets decoded even though it never gets close to my cell phone.

  2. I’m with Grace…oddly enough, I always ask for two keys but for a different reason. I always seem to demagnetize the keys because of my cell phone, so I always have a back up…didn’t even think about the safety issue…WOW

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