Nashville was good!

One of the things about working at home (except during travel) is that you don’t see your coworkers that often. There are people I work with that, although I have meetings with them weekly, haven’t seen in person in over a year. This can get a little bit lonely.

So that makes work friends that you meet during travel especially fun. You only get to see them once a month or so, but it’s so nice to catch up. This morning I arrived at the airport and was walking past my gate to grab breakfast, and sawa fellow traveler that I know from various trade shows and meetings.  We got to visit, commiserate, and discuss the work gossip. It was so fun! Like being in an office with coworkers for a day.

Not only did I run into my friend in the airport, but my meetings went very well and ended early. The weather forecast looked pretty nasty for right when my original flight was supposed to take off, but I managed to get on an earlier flight out and avoided the weather all together. I was a little nervous about making the connecting flight in DFW, but I got lucky and was fourth on the standby list and made it. Yes! Good meetings, not stuck overnight in the Nashville airport, and an extra hour with Home Warrior and the dogs. (And I got to walk by and gaze longingly at the Sephora vending machine in DFW. Sigh.) Good day!!


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