Off to conference

Tomorrow, I leave for my 11 day conference. I have done as much prep work as I can for work, and for Road Warriorette. The good news: posts will be appearing regularly! The less good news: I will have limited access to the internet, so I may be slow on responding to comments or emails.…

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Puerto Rico Was Fabulous

a street with buildings and trees

Puerto Rico is wonderful, and we had an amazing vacation. Here are the highlights. La Concha. We stayed in San Juan, in the Condado neighborhood, at La Concha. It’s a Renaissance hotel, which is a Marriott brand. There were so many good things about this place. First of all, it is very cool looking, sort…

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Cranberries in Tex-Mex? Huh.

a white background with black text

I love Tex-Mex. Having lived in Texas my whole life, I was practically raised on it, and in fact had some sort of Tex-Mex three times this weekend. We make tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas on a regular basis for dinner, and consider it the ultimate comfort/hangover food. It is so tasty! There are all kinds…

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An Interesting Morning

Have you ever had one of those mornings where everything is just a little off? Not bad, really, just little things that don’t go the way you wish they would, that snowball until you wondered how you made it to work at all? Today, trying to get to Nashville just for the day, was one…

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Why I Hate Ohio Part I

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the frustrating trip I had to Ohio. I called it Part II because it was the second frustrating trip I have had to Ohio.  Here is the story of the first. (And again, I don’t really hate Ohio. Really.) When I first arrived in Columbus, it seemed…

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