Anyone getting married soon?

Southwest Airlines has announced its “Vows in the Valley” contest.

“To celebrate 35 years in Harlingen [TX], we’re awarding two lucky LUV-birds an opportunity to exchange vows in the Valley and fly away on a complimentary honeymoon. Nominate your favorite couple to tie the knot, Southwest-style!”

So basically you get married in the Harlingen airport in a “Southwest” themed wedding and you get free tickets to your honeymoon.It’s actually not a bad deal, and Valley International Airport is very pretty, as far as airports go.

What makes this hilarious to me is that my sister is actually getting married in the Rio Grande Valley next month. I sent her the link, but she has declined to enter as she has already planned her wedding at a different location.

I hope Southwest posts pictures of the “Southwest-style” wedding! I would love to see that.

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