Answering Readers’ Questions: Makeup On Planes

makeupI recently got a question from a reader: “Can I take my makeup on the plane?” (picture from Sephora, Tarte’s Flower Child Natural Eye Shadow Palette, $44)

The short answer: Yes. Going through security may be slightly tricky, but yes.

The long answer: Any powders can be in your suitcase and don’t have to be taken out for security. Liquid solids, like lipsticks, can go either way and are often at the discretion of your TSA screener.  True liquids, like foundation or tinted moisturizer, are supposed to go in your clear ziploc bag with the rest of your liquid toiletries.

The only times I have had to put my lipsticks and chapsticks and lip glosses into the ziploc bag have been in small airports and Kansas City, MO. (And don’t even get me started on how awful that trip was. Let’s just say that after watching me cry for ten minutes the TSA guy felt sorry for me and gave me a ziploc bag for my lipstick.) And honestly, most of the time, my tinted moisturizer has been in my makeup case (because that’s where I keep it at home) and it has not been a problem.

The bottom line? Be prepared to have to take some of your makeup out of its regular bag and put it in a ziploc bag if needed. But yes, you can take it on the plane with you.

And if you forget anything, don’t forget about the Sephora vending machine in DFW!! There is one in Terminal A now too.


  1. I’m traveling through DFW next week. I will do my best to get that picture then! And maybe I will buy a little something….. 😉

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