Seeing the City You’re In

a baseball game at night with Fenway Park in the backgroundIt can be hard. You fly in Monday night, have meetings all day Tuesday, fly out Wednesday morning. Clearly there is not a lot of recreational time in that schedule. Be that as it may, one of my Travel Resolutions for this year is to see more of the cities I am visiting.

I ran across this GREAT article in ForbesWoman that has a list of 26 common business trip destinations, and something you should see in those cities if you have an extra 2-3 hours. The cities range from LA to Indianapolis to Boston, including several cities in my home state of Texas. It’s a great read! And it has inspired me to go see Fenway Park when I am in Boston next week, as well as (assuming the weather isn’t horrible) possibly walk the Freedom Trail.

After all, what’s the point of having a job that sends you places if all of the places are the same because you never get out of your hotel room or office?

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