Things I Want

I am currently in Pittsburgh, practically ground zero for Snowmaggedon 2010.  I look outside, where I refuse to drive because the ground is covered in many feet of snow and I am from Texas so I don’t know how to drive in snow. Maybe it is my (somewhat?) perverse personality, but because I can’t go anywhere I want to go shopping. So here is a list of a few things I am currently lusting after.

TravelSmith Stripe No-Iron Shirt. Just another in a great line of shirts from TravelSmith that don’t have to be ironed. Plus the subtle striping adds some interest to a white button down. Love it!!

BeneFit Legally Bronze. Not necessarily travel related. But it looks so pretty and shimmery, and reminds me of summer. And since I look outside and see tons of snow, I want to be reminded of summer.

Old Navy Watercolor Tote in Flowers. This is not really work related. But how cute would it be carrying your stuff around? Reminds me of spring.  Maybe I just want to be in any season that is not the current one?

Thanks for playing! Maybe I will go shopping when I’m back in Texas….. And maybe it will be warm and sunny when I get back to Texas. Fingers crossed!!


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