Quick Packing Tip: moisturizer in your contacts case?

a pair of round colored objectsYesterday on my favorite blog, Corporette, there was a post about business travel. Many gems of travel wisdom were suggested, some of which were new to me, and I would like to post about one of these now.

Several people suggested putting moisturizer and eye makeup remover in a contact lens case, and said that you can fit enough for as long as 5 days in that tiny space. Wow! Talk about brilliant. I have contacts cases lying around my bathroom, my bedroom, and my suitcase area. And, I am slightly embarrassed to admit, I have a tiny bit of face moisturizer in a 3 oz bottle. That is some wasted space, friends.

For my next trip I will certainly utilize these tiny packing dynamos.  I think  the obvious thing to do is label the outside with a permanent marker with what is in each side.  In addition to eye makeup remover and moisturizer, you could also put facial cleanser and hair products in there. I am so excited about all the space I will be saving!! Thanks, Corporette readers!


  1. I love that suggestion – As a 10 year contact wearing veteran, I have a number of contact lens cases.

    Another suggestion: Use them as pill cases for your purse/travel… they’re watertight so your pills don’t get damp

  2. I do the same thing but with antiseptic & anti-itch cream. You never know when those things will come in handy! Then I label it with my handy-dandy Brother P-Touch labeler. I love that thing!

  3. A lady next to me the other day had some moisturizer in a 1 oz plastic souffle cup that restaurants use.

    Those are quite flimsy, but if more volume is needed for just 1 trip it might work.

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