Green Travel Tip: Take a Water Bottle (Revisited)

a blue water bottle with white textThe last time I posted about taking a water bottle with you when you travel, I got a few questions about the water bottles with filters. Can you take them overseas? How much “filtering” do they actually do?

While I had seen filtering water bottles, I had never really looked into it or used one. So now that I have looked into it, I am sold. I will be ordering this water bottle from H2Only very shortly to take everywhere I go.

There are many others on the market–from bottles that filter chlorine from tap water to bottles that filter 99.99% of anything bad, including bacteria and heavy metals. (Just search for water bottle filter.) Reviews for these bottles are extremely positive, and it appears that many people have taken these bottles to places with unsafe water and have not had a problem. What a great invention!!


  1. I’m so glad you’ve posted this. PHX has nasty water fountain water so I think about buying this, but I just think about TSA and how they’ll react to something in the water bottle. Please keep me posted or if anyone else here has ever had issues at a checkpoint with a water bottle with a filter.

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