Bizarre Travel Stories

Happy Friday, everyone!!

For some reason my fabulous but very grounded step-mom sends me the craziest travel stories and products…..and today’s is no exception.  There is an article in Bing Travel about bizarre travel stories. An example:

Don’t point that at me!
After passing through security gates at the Baltimore-Washington airport, a man took off running to the nearest restroom  barefoot, not even taking the time to put his shoes back on after walking through the X-ray machines. When security officials caught up with him, they discovered that he had hidden a can of Mace pepper spray in his body cavity. No word yet on what he was trying to protect himself from — or how he intended to take aim.

For the rest of these very special incidents, check out the rest of the article. These people are nuts!! But it would sure be an interesting addition to my day to witness something like this.

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