A Few Interesting Travel Articles This Week

As I was perusing the interwebs this week I found a few interesting, but disparate, articles about traveling. I couldn’t make them into something cohesive, so I’m just going to list them. Good stuff!

“Hotels are adding new fees for services” in the LA Times. I’m sure none of us are surprised to hear this, but the actual amount and the type of fees seem excessive. A minibar restocking fee of $5.95 when the soda you took out costs $2.50??

“Which travel expenses are safe to deduct on your taxes?” in USA Today. Certainly timely, with tax day coming up in two weeks. A helpful article for small business owners.

“The Frugal Traveler: Business Travel on a Budget” in the Wichita Eagle. Suggestions on how to stay on a budget during business travel, whether you are paying for it or your company is.

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