Travel News for the Week

The last few days have given us some pretty crazy news stories, travel-wise. For those of you who don’t religiously follow the travel news blogs and tweets, here are the highlights.

RyanAir to start charging for the loo. Seriously, I am not making that up. On flights less than an hour, RyanAir will start charging for passengers to use the restroom. Prices will be around $1.50 per use. According to NPR, the point is not to raise money (yeah right), but to discourage disruptive behavior. It also allows them to go down to one toilet per plane, and put in six extra seats. Wow.

Spirit to start charging for carry-on luggage. No, I am not making that up either. I had to read that headline three times before I got why it was a big deal. Prices could go up to $45 each way. Again, wow.

US Air and United in merger talks. This would be the country’s second largest airline, if the merger goes through. Shockingly (not) shares went up for both companies once the rumors came out.

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