Ten Rules of Proper Airplane Etiquette from CheapOAir

You know when you read something and think, “It’s like they are inside my brain.” Well, that’s how I feel about this list of plane etiquette rules from CheapOAir. Throughout the whole list, I was nodding and saying, “Yep. That’s right. Oh heck yes!! You tell ’em!!” etc. So, I would like everyone who flies, ever, to read this list. Like right now. And print it out and carry it with you, so that when someone is disobeying the rules you can hand it to them. Okay, maybe not, but they are great rules!!

My favorite is number 3–“Seat Grabber.”  When you are standing up to go somewhere, please don’t grab the seat in front of you for balance. Someone is in that seat!! Most people, it seems, simply don’t think about this. Grab your own seat if you need help!

Also, I would add to number 5, “Carry-on Craziness.” If you are sitting in row 29, please don’t just throw your overhead above row 10. If you do, that means that the person sitting in row 10 will not have a space for their bag and will have to check it. If you are sitting in row 29, and there is no room over 29 but there is room over, say, 27, that is different. But don’t put your bag over a different row without at least checking your row first. Okay, stepping off soapbox now.

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