My Favorite iPhone Apps for Travel

a black cell phone with many apps on the screenWhen the iPhone first came out, I wanted one. A few months later when my brother-in-law got one and came to visit with my sister, and I got to be around it and use the amazing features, I really wanted one. When I went to visit them in San Francisco and my sister had one, I really, really, really wanted one. A few weeks later I somehow lost my crappy POS phone that I had used for over three years. I figured this was a sign, and got an iPhone.

A year and a half later, my iPhone is my second most necessary travel item after my laptop. Not just for the obvious phone, email, internet, and music capabilities (but I use those constantly and they are great!!) but for the apps. Not everything listed here is an official travel app, and is by no means comprehensive, these are just my favorites to use while traveling.

  • Tripit. Once you register, it will help you keep track of your trips, alerting you to delays. It also lets you know if anyone in your “group” is traveling near you. Very handy!
  • Southwest. Allows you to do all the stuff you can do on their website, but on a handy app.
  • YogaNow. Helps you find yoga classes near you.
  • Meditation Now 2. Different meditations. I use it on the plane or when I’m trying to sleep. Very helpful!
  • White Noise Free. I use this every night!! There are many different “white noises” you can choose from. You can also set a timer. I have found that for hotel rooms that are near the elevator, or have a loud air conditioning unit, or are near a highway, this app is the best. You can drown out the offending noise and get a good night’s sleep.

I’m sure I will think of more to add, and there are certainly more that I use. Anyone have a favorite I missed? I’m always on the lookout for more apps!!


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