What do you do if you forget your makeup? Oh no!!

What would most women do without their makeup? As you may have noticed, I love makeup. I depend on it, but I also like to play with it. In my early business travel days, I hadn’t yet mastered the art of carrying on no.matter.what.   Once while flying to Oregon, the airline lost one of my bags. Which one? Of course, the one with my makeup.  I had to make a late-night emergency trip to Target to replace my makeup. Most of my makeup is from Sephora, but when your options are limited, you take what you can get. Let’s just say I did not look as awesome at that trade show as I normally do. But whatever.

I am a firm advocate of having your toiletries packed and ready to go all the time, so that when it’s time to pack you pick up your little bags and throw them in your suitcase. However, it’s a little trickier with makeup. It would be very expensive to have an entire separate set of makeup for traveling. The hardcore may do it, but I am not quite there. Ideally one would remember the oh so important little bag for every trip. But at some point you may just forget. What to do? One option is to go out and purchase all new stuff. One option is to go buy a few things. And one option is to use the things you do have for double-duty.

That is the idea behind this article I found on Real Beauty. Granted, I may not agree with (or be able to do) all of the things she lists. But there are some good options here so you don’t have to buy ALL NEW STUFF. Sigh. I think I might still be bitter….

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