Green Travel Outfits!! Cute Enough for Work, Comfy Enough for Travel

In honor of Earth Day on Thursday, April 22, all of my posts this week are going to focus on some aspect of traveling green. If you know of something I should write about, send me an email!

A few years ago, if you tried to find eco-friendly clothing, you would not be happy. There were a few companies that made t-shirts and casual skirts, some tank tops, lots of yoga pants, but not really anything that could be worn to work. Boy, have times changed!! Now when you search for “organic cotton clothing” or”eco-friendly clothing” all kinds of sites, designers, and CUTE things come up, including things that are totally appropriate for work. I had a hard time picking my three favorites for this post–not only are there a ton of cute things, but they are so affordable! So I hope you visit some of these sites and do just a little bit to take care of our earth.

Love this top, please forgive the weird styling and the model’s very strange pose. The blouse is ladylike, interesting, very cute, and versatile. Plus, it has the added bonus of being made of organic cotton in the US.

I love this dress. It is your basic wrap dress, comes in different colors, and is so, so cute. I’m hoping it’s a little longer IRL than on this model though! Wear with a cami and you are good to go.

This dress is fabulous. From the interesting colors, to the bow detail, to the flattering princess seams. Make it work ready with a coordinating cardigan, and be ready for dinner later! If kiwi is not your style, there are other colors available as well.

In addition to these three things, there are a ton of tops that are great for work, and comfortable enough for travel. I’m ready to shop!

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