What to Wear to the Airport: It’s Hot!! Edition

Here in Texas it has already reached 100 degrees for a brief, searing moment. What does one wear to work, much less to the airport, when it is so hot? Jackets are (hopefully) out–it’s just too warm. My normal black pants felt very heavy yesterday. And then there is the whole temperature differential–super hot outside, frigid cold inside (thanks summer AC!). There are so many issues! Here are my solutions. (As always, you know the level of formality that you  need for your office.)

  • Lighter weight slacks. Try for taupe or gray, maybe even white, unlined if you can handle it. They will typically be a bit thinner, so make sure to watch for “trouble areas” in the rear and thighs when trying them on. I love the “Martin” fit pants from Banana Republic.
  • Skirts/dresses.** There are a ton of work appropriate, comfortable, and lightweight skirts and dresses out there right now, and even some that are good for travel. TravelSmith is always a good place to look.
  • Short sleeves (or even sleeveless). Cute tops are everywhere right now! Button down, wrap, silk, knit, anything you could want. Make sure that a top isn’t too sheer, and wear a cami under it if you just aren’t sure.
  • Keep a cardigan or pashmina in your carry-on. It’s actually a great idea to always have a cardigan or pashmina in your office too, but definitely when you travel. Yesterday on the plane I had to cover up with my pashmina in order to not freeze. Glad I grabbed it on the way out the door! Old Navy has several lightweight, inexpensive cardigans in varying lengths and cuts right now.
  • Peep toe flats. These are my favorite! They feel so summery but are great for travel. I LOVE these from Nordstrom.

**I know some people don’t like to wear dresses or skirts to the airport because they don’t like to be barefoot when they remove their shoes at security. I totally get that, but right now I don’t want to put socks on anyway, for any reason. But as always it’s personal preference.

Yesterday to Nashville I wore black slacks and a black lightweight cotton short-sleeve blouse. The top worked out well, but I definitely think I need some new pants for summer. Guess that means it’s time for shopping!


  1. Great tips as usual. Regarding going through security barefoot: When I am traveling and will be barefoot through security, I pack a pair of lightweight footie socks at the top of my bag. As I step out of my shoes, I slide the socks on. When I am safely through security, I slip the socks off as I put my shoes back on. They don’t take up much space in my bag and they are quick to put on and take off. I also then have a pair of socks to wear in the hotel room since I never walk around barefoot anywhere in a hotel.

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