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What should I pack for an overnight business trip?

a woman in a dress

What’s the best way to pack for an overnight business trip? Reader J asks…. I’ve been following your blog for a while now even though I don’t usually travel for work.  I find your travel tips very helpful in general. I’m traveling this Wednesday (Oct 1) for an overnight conference. I fly on Wed afternoon and will…

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Beauty Monday: Indulge with a bath bomb

a donut on a towel next to a faucet

Every week Road Warriorette features a beauty product that makes traveling easier. Do you have a favorite? Send it to RoadWarriorette @ gmail.com. With delayed flights, time away from loved ones, and packed schedules, business trips are not conducive to relaxation. That’s why a traveler should be prepared to seize the opportunity if it arises! A…

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Review: Dresses by Dobbin Clothing

a woman in a green dress

I have been an admirer of Dobbin Clothing since I first heard of them earlier this year. Their story is compelling—two fashion industry marketing and design professionals who came together to create their ideal line of women’s clothes. They make all of their garments in New York City, a rarity for clothing manufacturers these days,…

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Planes and pocketknives

a multi-tool knife with a flower design

The TSA recently announced they would be allowing pocketknives through airport security and on to planes starting in April. A lot of people are very concerned about the safety repercussions, including the flight attendant unions and some members of Congress. I have tried to stay away from the pocketknife controversy because, honestly, it’s been covered…

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What was important in Octobers past?

One year ago…. TSA crossed the line….again. I fell in love with navy and discovered the awesoness of gel soles. On my journey to more miles, one strategy worked (a miles credit card) and one backfired (trying for a travel voucher). Movie streaming apps on my phone changed my life. No joke. The Top Five…

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What happened in September 2011 and 2010?

Hard to believe it’s already been a year! Talk about time flying. This time last year I was planning a trip to Manila and getting ready for Blog World. Fun times! One year ago: I shared my Top Five Travel Necessities for Airplanes, Hotels, and Grooming. A friend reminded people how important it is to…

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