How To Pack for a Four Day Trip–Vegas Style

Tomorrow the Home Warrior and I leave for Vegas. We are very excited about our long weekend! We finally get to go somewhere together, plus we love Vegas in general. The shows, the food, the blackjack, the people watching, the blackjack, the carnival-like atmosphere, and did I mention blackjack? When we went to Vegas last year, we went with my family and had many interesting random conversations with random people. This year, we are going with his family, and any interesting conversations remain to be seen. Not totally sure if we are going to see the Cirque du Soleil Beatles LOVE, or try something new and go see Viva Elvis. Decisions, decisions…..

For some reason, this time I haven’t been planning my packing list for weeks like I have on prior fun trips. Maybe I am finally incorporating my work-travel-packing mindset into my personal trips? Who knows. Unfortunately, even with my awesome packing skills, we will not be able to carry-on our bags because we are bringing bottles of wine. However, I am trying (really hard!!) to not use that as an excuse to bring too much stuff. We will be gone Saturday-Tuesday, which is basically four days.

So, here is my packing list for Vegas this weekend:

  • Two pairs of shorts.  One super casual and one a slightly nicer pair.
  • Two dresses. Again, one casual and one nice for dinner.
  • Five cute tops. I know this is more than for the four days needed, but come on. I have to go a little crazy!
  • Two swimsuits and a cover-up.
  • Yoga pants and tank. For sleeping or yoga or whatever.
  • Cardigan and pashmina. For the plane and the super highly air conditioned casinos.
  • Jewelry, toiletries, makeup, curling iron, undergarments (the usual extras)
  • Normal sized purse and a small purse.
  • Stuff for the plane.
  • Shoes. No more than three pairs, including sandals, nice shoes, and flip flops for the pool.

It seems so calm and under control! Of course, I am going shopping this afternoon…..


  1. That sounds like about what I would take. I usually take 1 or 2 more tops than days we will be gone, just to give myself a bit of choice.

    I love the pashmina. I take mine everywhere, especially since AA did away with the blankets in coach. Planes can be freezing!

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