Travel Etiquette Tip: Please Don’t Grab the Seat in Front of You. Thank You.

a close-up of a seatThis is something that, in my experience anyway, not many travelers think about. How many times have you finally gotten into your seat on the plane, put your stuff where you want it, and settled in with your book and headphones, when suddenly you are jerked backward because the person behind you is using your seat back as their personal handle? Most people don’t even realize that every time they touch the seat in front of them, it moves. If they grab it and use it to support them while they sit down, the person in front of it feels it. If they elbow it while moving their stuff, it’s similar to the kid kicking your seat during a movie. There is often an empty seat nearby that you can use to help yourself balance as you maneuver into your row, maybe in the middle of the row in front of you, or next to you. Use that seat, not the one with the napping person in it.

That is all. Thank you.


  1. And this also applies to in seat video screens. The person in the seat can feel every jab as the movie or music is selected or the volume adjusted. Press lightly, please.

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