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Passengers Mistakenly Told “We’re About to Crash.” Seriously.

The Home Warrior was flipping through the news this weekend, when he said: “Come here, you have got to see this.” The article from NBC News read: “LONDON — British Airways apologized on Friday after a crew member mistakenly played an emergency message warning Hong Kong-bound passengers that the plane they were on was about…

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Why I Hate Ohio Part II

Okay, maybe I don’t actually hate Ohio. In fact I have family there, and I spent some great times as a child playing with cousins in North Canton. But it seems like every time I go there as an adult I have the worst trips. My first trip to Ohio for work almost three years…

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Woman Slaps Baby On Plane

One of the message boards I frequent posted this article yesterday. Apparently, on a Southwest flight a woman slapped her baby to make her stop crying. The baby girl also had a black eye, which was supposedly from a dog bite. A flight attendant held the baby for a minute so the father could get…

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