American Has Redeemed Themselves… to a point

A few weeks ago I posted about my frustration with American Airlines with regard to charging Elite Aadvantage members $50 for a close-in award ticket. About two days after I posted that, I got an email from the Aadvantage people saying that as of the date of the email, this fee would no longer be charged to Elites. Great!! American Airlines had listened to its customers, and changed its policies accordingly. Good for them.

Except…. I fell into that four-day window in between the old and new policy. Had I ordered my ticket outside of 21 days (so two days earlier) I would not have had to pay the fee. Had I waited two days to get my ticket, the new policy would have been in place and I would not have had to pay the fee. I called customer care to see if I could be reimbursed, and was told by the (somewhat condescending) customer care agent that there was nothing she could do, and that I was basically lucky that I didn’t have to pay the fee anymore and why was I complaining.

The one option I was given was to email customer care and see if they could help me. I sent them a courteous summary of the situation, and heard back within two days. While I was not reimbursed, I was given 2k miles. I did the math, and I think that (depending on the ticket) 2k miles are worth about $20. I appreciate the gesture, and I am glad they are not charging the fee anymore.

So, okay American Airlines. I am not angry at you anymore. But to my readers: if something similar to this happens to you, or something happens that you think is unfair, send an email to customer care. Best case, your issue gets resolved and you may get some compensation. Worst case, at least they know what they are doing wrong.

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