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Answering Readers’ Questions: What counts as a personal bag when flying?

I recently got an interesting question from a reader: I’m going on my first business trip next month. I know I am going to carry-on, and my the first bag is a rollerboard. My question is, what exactly counts as that second, “personal” bag? A laptop bag? A shoulder bag? Or does it have to…

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Love This Suitcase!!

As I was slogging through emails generated during my absence last week, I came across a fun one from my step-mom (yes, the step-mom that sends me all of the crazy articles and products).  This article wasn’t crazy (for once!) but instead a list of some new cute suitcases from The Frisky. The best one…

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Incredibly Helpful Business Packing Video

During TBEX, one of the fantastic people I met was Sheila Scarborough from Perceptive Travel (among other places). Her vitality and passion for travel are contagious, and I had a great time visiting with her. One of the things she has put together is this fantastic video that shows her packing for a business trip. …

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On Vacation This Week!!

This past Saturday, Home Warrior and I left for Cozumel. We will be gone for a week, staying at the lovely Iberostar resort. I know that we will enjoy this trip, which is actually the first real vacation we have taken alone since our honeymoon four years ago. We have plans to snorkel, visit ruins,…

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