Love This Suitcase!!

a brown suitcase with black trimAs I was slogging through emails generated during my absence last week, I came across a fun one from my step-mom (yes, the step-mom that sends me all of the crazy articles and products).  This article wasn’t crazy (for once!) but instead a list of some new cute suitcases from The Frisky. The best one by far was this adorable small-sized suitcase adorned with a bow. It’s not by a typical suitcase brand, and it’s not large enough for a long trip, but is the perfect size for an overnight or two day trip. The color, the bow, and the patent details add up to the cutest suitcase I’ve seen in a long time. I’m in the market for a smaller suitcase, and this “Bow Trolley” from Topshop is perfect. I will definitely watch for it to go on sale and then snatch it up!


  1. cute bag but the way that bag is designed those wheel will snap off in little to no time.

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