My Sister’s Cats Love My Suitcase

I just arrived in Chicago for the weekend to visit my sisters. I settled in to my older sister’s condo, putting my suitcase in the guest room and then getting out the laptop to get some work done. For most of the morning, the kitties (Mr. Freeze is gray, Corey is orange) wandered around me, letting me pet them. A few minutes ago, though, I realized they were missing. I stood up to look around, and here is what I found. Sorry as usual for the craptastic iPhone pictures. Someday soon I really will get the 4G. Really.

a cat looking at a suitcaseIf I can just get my arm in there a little more……

a couple of cats looking at a suitcaseWait! I think I see something…….

a group of cats looking at a suitcase

Corey: Uh no, I was NOT just in your suitcase. I didn’t even realize there was a suitcase right here.

Mr. Freeze: Mmmmmm, suitcase.


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