Fifteen Minute Hotel Room Workout

a woman stretching her arms in a hotel roomSunday night Home Warrior and I went over to his brother’s house to watch the Cowboys game. At some point, I started paging through my sister-in-law’s August copy of Real Simple. I have to say, I love Real Simple. Not only do they include cute, affordable clothes (often that are great for traveling), in this particular issue they included a “Fifteen Minute Hotel Room Workout.” They say this workout can be done anywhere, beachside, poolside, bedside, with only a stopwatch and two bottles of water. I like the different exercises they use, and will be incorporating this routine into rotation. The “Easy Yoga Workout” also looks promising, but if I were doing it would add more poses.

Finding time and motivation to work out is hard, especially when you’re traveling for work. Late meetings, delayed flights, and quick trips can eat up any spare time you might have had. But anyone can fit in 15 minutes! It will make you healthier, feel better, and more alert. What’s not to love?

As for the Cowboys…… hope they can get those penalties under control for the next game. Talk about a disappointment.


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