Southwest to Buy AirTran

I’m sure you have all heard by now that Southwest is buying AirTran. I don’t really fly AirTran very often, but according to David Kelley it should be a big win for business travelers. He basically says that all of the things we don’t like about AirTran (flight change fees, checked baggage fees) will go away.

AirTran currently charges for checked bags ($20 and $25), and ticket changes ($75). Once integrated, Southwest expects those fees to disappear and follow Southwest’s current policies (no change fee for tickets, and 2 free checked bags). In addition, Southwest expects seating to follow its current open seating process, unlike AirTran, which assigns seats. It will also eliminate AirTran’s Business class seating.

I just hope this doesn’t change the things I love about Southwest!! Knowing that the employees actually enjoy their job is refreshing.  For example, this morning while flying to Nashville the flight attendant had us laughing pretty hard while she did the security announcements.  And don’t forget about that guy that raps. I also enjoy their funny commercials.

Southwest, if you’re listening: don’t change! We love you the way you are.


  1. I love Southwest. It’s a long standing love affair.
    I’m most excited that this opens up the SE for them and a few Mexico/Caribbean routes.

  2. I’ve never flown SW because it doesn’t really fly out of Ohio (maybe some routes out of Columbus?) So, for me, it’s a chance for me to finally try SW if they take over the AirTran routes. The only thing I like about AirTran is the option to upgrade to business class day of flight for a reasonable fee, but it’s generally impossible to actually get.

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