What do you use to track your expenses?

Ugh, expense reports. Seriously, one of the worst things about my job, and about traveling for work. The receipts pile up, I have to keep track of them, scan them into the computer, and then enter them into a painfully slow program. I have heard of people writing down their expenses in a book, submitting credit card statements, or using Excel. There are even iPhone and Android apps you can use. I keep my receipts in my wallet, but I have seen others use little organizers (similar to coupon organizers). I am always looking for ways to simplify this process, and here are a few ideas I may try:

  • Taking advantage of my iPhone. Whether it’s taking a picture of the receipt so I don’t have to carry it with me, or using an actual expense report app, it seems like there should be something I can do with my iPhone to simplify expense reporting. One of the apps I found in a quick Google search is Expense Reports by Nexonia.
  • Receipt scanner. I see them in DFW all the time, and I am always fascinated. Until recently, we were actually required to mail in our receipts so this was never an option for me. Now that we send them digitally, it’s time for some research. Unfortunately, it seems like these scanners are pretty pricey. The NeatReceipts scanner, while cool looking, is $200.

So, Readers, what do you use? Is there any way to make turning in expense reports easier? Or is it just one of those things that is destined to be a frustrating time-suck?


  1. Hi there. I’m the CEO of Nexonia. We’d love feedback on our iPhone solution (161 world currencies, etc.) and I’ll make sure it gets directly back to the development team. Safe travels!

    Neil (neil@nexonia.com)

  2. I don’t use anything fancy. There’s a little pocket of my computer bag that all receipts go in. Also, I put everything on my corporate AmEx, which has an import feature into our expense report software.

    I do expense reports after every trip, which helps. Rarely do I have to do a huge whopping one where there is so much stuff that I’m likely to forget things.

  3. I use xpenser.com (web site) and the Fresh Xpense iPhone App. I can take a picture of my receipt and store it. I still have to submit the actual receipts, so I just toss those into a plastic folder in my bag and sort them out when I do the expense report when I get back. The picture in my phone helps me pick the exact receipt out of my pile.

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