Guest Post: Travel Etiquette, The Hotel Door Edition

Andi is a travel lover, foodie, writer, and Francophile who writes the fabulous blog Misadventures  With Andi.

6:17, slam!

6:36, slam!

7:12, slam!

You get the picture. That was how my day started this morning in the hotel I am staying in while attending a business conference.

I am pretty sure that most people’s parents taught them not to slam doors in the house. Why should a hotel door be any different? I understand that these doors are quite often rather heavy, all the more reason to allow it to close gently.

While traveling you are in a shared environment, temporarily borrowing the space that you occupy whether that is the plane seat, the restaurant booth, and yes, the hotel room.

The Golden Rule applies here as well. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

No one appreciates constant door slamming, especially if they do not have to get up until 8:00 for their conference!



  1. I agree with this! The other thing I hate is late night slammers and parties in the halls. Do people think that they can’t be heard through those heavy doors? Well you can!

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