What to Wear to the Airport: Clarks Ankle Boots

a black boot with a buckleThis past winter, I went to Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, and New York, and it snowed during each of these trips. If you look at some of my posts from that time, I was highly anxious about traveling in these cities that time of year. I ended up getting a pair of sweater boots to be my commuter boots, and spraying them with Scotchgard to keep out the snow. It worked out fine, but since I am again traveling to snowy climes this winter (Chicago, Virginia, New York) I wanted to get something a little more substantial. A friend recently gave me an Amazon gift card, and when I thanked her she said, “Use it toward your next pair of shoes!” I took it as a sign, and went boot shopping.

My requirements were a low heel, comfortable, cute, non-slick, and weather proof. Not too many, right? And I found just what I was looking for in the Clarks Rosabelle Boot. I ordered them a few weeks ago, but didn’t have a chance to test them out until my trip to Pensacola this week. I know, you’re laughing. I brought out the weather-proof boots, boots I bought for a Chicago winter, in Pensacola? But while we were there a huge cold front came in, dropping the temp thirty degrees in two hours and sending down a lashing rain. The boots fared great! My feet stayed warm and dry, they looked cute, and I was comfortable all day, from my 730 am breakfast appointment through six presentations, business dinner, and the post-dinner debrief. They were also very easy to get on and off at the airport. I highly recommend them!


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