Green Travel Tip: Collapsible Food Containers

a plastic container with a lidAbout eight months ago, I made a lifestyle change with regards to my eating habits. Figuring out how to incorporate that lifestyle change into my travel schedule was challenging, to say the least. After some research and trial and error, I think I’ve got it down. They say that one of the best things to do if you are trying to eat healthier, or to save money for that matter, is to bring your lunch to work. Well, I often commute two hours by plane for work, I can’t bring liquids with me, and there is basically no way to keep food cold. I often end up bringing fruit, veggies, cheese, and nuts with me on the plane. I tried to bring normal food containers, but they were such a pain to transport back. I tried plastic sandwich baggies, but felt bad about throwing them away. Enter collapsible food storage containers! They collapse for easy transport and storage, and come in many different sizes. This way you can take your food with you, eat it, and easily carry your containers back with you.

Another great green/healthy/money saving idea from Fly Gracefully: Fozzils. These very clever dishes completely flatten, allowing for simple transport, but will easily hold your food and beverages during travel. This way you can, for example, get milk and cereal from a store and eat that in the morning instead of room service.


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