Great Christmas Gift? Or Dastardly Terrorist Plot?

This Christmas, one of my favorite gifts from Home Warrior was a new, super fancy Thermos that keeps my coffee toasty for five hours. Home Warrior recently got one himself, and over the weeks I have dropped several not-so-subtle hints that I would love one as well. As excited as I was when I opened it, I immediately began planning on keeping it with me always. Running errands? Of course. To my mother’s? Absolutely! On my next work trip? Not so fast…..

Apparently, the latest threat to the skies is…..insulated containers. The TSA is concerned that terrorists may attempt to hide something in such containers. Not that this has actually happened yet–they just say that it could happen. The mugs are still allowed through security, but passengers carrying them can expect additional screening. I would assume this just means opening up the cup and showing that you do not, in fact, have any explosives hiding in your coffee mug, but I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that for those of us trying to minimize our time spent in the security line, it’s probably a good idea to leave these amazing feats of portable technology at home.


  1. They can always customize one to hold liquid in the upper, lets say 2 inches, and the bottom compartment holds the explosives… Another reason all this BS they are doing is useless…

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