Always Forgetting My Headphones

Two weeks ago I traveled to California. Before I left, I made sure I had everything I needed. Pashmina? Check. Laptop? Check. Wallet? Check. Etc. Until I got to the airport, where I realized I forgot one of the most important things I needed to make my long flight bearable: my headphones.

It certainly wasn’t the first time. Why do I always do this? Is it because I use different purses when I’m not traveling, and so have to transfer things back? Is it because they are small? Maybe because I have to use them when working so they get moved around a lot?

I ended up spending $10 at the airport to get another pair. Since I don’t do a lot of conference calls when I’m on the road I don’t necessarily need my actual iPhone earbuds, so the cheapies will work just fine. I think at this point I have four pairs of cheap ones floating around my house. Maybe I will put one of those earbuds in each of my potential travel purses so I will never be without them again. Because the only way to drown out the guy snoring behind you is with music.

Readers, what is the one thing you need that you always forget?

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  1. Even though I just wrote about this being a travel necessity yesterday, I tend to forget my travel neck pillow at the most inopportune times. Like the time I had to catch a 6 a.m. flight from NYC back to Texas. Could have used some Z’s on that one!

  2. I used to be bad about forgetting my phone charger. Now it lives in my computer bag and I have another that lives in my usual suitcase, so I hope I am covered.

  3. This is the only reason why I actually take the freebies they pass out in F. If I take my good ones out of my bag when I’m home I still have *something* to get me through.

  4. I’m loosing on average 1 pair of Sennheiser headphones every other trip.

    It’s getting beyond annoying. Even having ones with a lanyard around them don’t help…

    Thankfully, airlines are using singlepin headphones these days in economy, and these are usable, if not ideal….

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