What to Wear to the Airport: Organic Cotton

I recently found some very cute organic cotton pieces from an unexpected place: Gaiam. If you do yoga, you have probably heard of this company. They make a lot of yoga mats and accessories, among other things. It never occurred to me that I could find work-appropriate clothing there. True, it’s on the more casual side, but there are definitely a few a woman in a blue sweateritems I plan to incorporate into rotation. Their clothing is soft, made of sustainable materials such as organic cotton and bamboo, and very reasonably priced. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Open Cardigan comes in several colors and would be great on an airplane. It’s made of a woman in a grey dressorganic cotton and rayon from bamboo, and would work equally well with slacks or a dress.

I love the Grecian Tunic, a very interesting longer-length blouse. If you paired it with a shorter length cardigan and slim black pants it would be very stylish for the office (and comfy for the plane!) but would be equally cute with jeans a woman in a white shirtfor the weekend.

The Organic Cotton Tee is made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton. It comes in three colors, has a high-ish neck, and a thick weight. A great basic tee for under a suit or cardigan.

There are also a number of more casual pieces, like the Wide Banded Skirt and Organic Cotton Stretch Cami, that would be perfect for the weekend. It never occurred to me to shop for clothes at a yoga supply store, I will be adding this site to my favorites and checking it regularly. Cute organic cotton for good prices? Win!



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