Packing Tip: Take Mineral Makeup!

a close-up of a container of powderOne of the questions I get all the time is, “Does concealer count as a liquid?” Or, “Can I take foundation onto a plane?” The answer to both of these, of course, is yes. Yes, concealer counts as a liquid, and yes you can take it and foundation onto a plane. However, if you don’t want to worry about it either way, give mineral makeup a try.

Mineral makeup is powder makeup made from earth minerals. Typically, it doesn’t have preservatives or parabens, and it’s pretty high quality stuff. You can use the loose powder as a concealer or foundation by adding a little water and using a specific brush, then fluff  powder over the top with a kabuki brush and you are good to go! So not only do you not have to worry about it being a liquid, but it is basically three makeup items in one. And as you know, multitasking products are an important part of efficient packing. You can also get mineral blushes and eye shadows.

You can pretty much get mineral makeup anywhere now, from department stores to Sephora to drugstores, at almost any price point. If you want to learn how to use it, go to a department store or Sephora for a tutorial, or look on Youtube. Honestly, this stuff is really cool. If you haven’t jumped on the mineral bandwagon, check it out!


  1. Great tip for travelers!

    Another female business traveler told me about mineral makeup a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! Not only are the foundation, blush, powder and eye shadows great, but they’re not liquid! No worries about an over-stuffed TSA bag or leaking bottles. I buy two of everthing — one for home and one for my permanent makeup bag in my luggage.

    Carol Margolis

  2. I’ve tried going away from my mineral makeup but always come back. BareMinerals and Jane Iredale are the best that I’ve tried.

  3. Same here. I love my Lancome mineral powder foundation. Anything to free up room on the baggie. And like Carol, I keep two of everything to avoid unpacking my travel essentials.

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