Quick Security Tip: Wear Appropriate Layers

a group of colorful shirtsRecently, a friend wore a sweater to the airport. When she went through security, the TSA agent made her remove her sweater as he considered it “outerwear”. Luckily, this friend had on an appropriate under layer, a short sleeved tee-shirt, so it wasn’t really a problem to remove the sweater. But later, she told me, she started thinking. What if I had worn a cami? Or something else that I never planned to show? We’ve all done it–worn a cardigan or jacket over a shirt that would not be appropriate by itself. But on travel days, remember that airport security will want you to remove anything they deem “outerwear”. Even if you disagree about what constitutes outerwear, unless you want to cause a big stink, it’s easier to just make sure you have appropriate layers underneath. This is especially important if you are traveling with coworkers.

Remember, it’s just as easy to put on a tee or blouse as it is a tank top. If your layers are appropriate, it doesn’t matter if TSA asks you to take off your sweater. Although, it’s pretty obnoxious that they considered a cardigan “outerwear”. But whatever, consistency is NOT what they are known for…….


  1. Good to know as I’m one of those that never wears anything under a sweater. Even more reason to driveto Canada when planning to fly somewhere…

  2. I wouldn’t worry if you have *nothing* underneath your outerwear. I frequently wear a hoodie sweatshirt on airplanes and 75% of the time am allowed to wear it through and 25% of the time am asked, “are you wearing anything under your sweatshirt, if yes you need to remove it.”

    The TSA won’t make you take off a sweater if you have nothing on underneath.

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