What to Wear to the Airport: Leggings?

I promise, it’s not an April Fools joke.

I recently found out I will be making another trip to Manila in May. Traveling to Manila takes approximately 26 hours from Texas, so whatever I wear has to be comfortable. Last time, I wore yoga pants, a tank top, and a long sleeved tee-shirt with sneakers. It was comfortable, but maybe not my most professional moment. This time, I will be traveling with co-workers, so wearing the same things I sleep in at home feels little, well, weird. I still want to be as comfortable as if I were wearing my jammies, but I need to look a little more pulled together. Enter the magical leggings.

Honestly, when I heard leggings were coming back in style I cringed. Seriously? How is that flattering? But I have since a person wearing black pantslearned that worn the right way, leggings can look great, and there is no denying the comfort level. For my upcoming Manila flights, here is my planned outfit:

Leggings. I love these organic cotton black leggings from Gaiam. They are well priced, longer a woman wearing a blue dress and a scarfthan normal, and eco-friendly.

Dress. There are a lot of great options from TravelSmith. I’m leaning towards this Convertible Neckline dress, or the Dramatic Gathered dress. a black long coat on a mannequinThey are soft, stylish, comfortable, and will resist wrinkles.

Cardigan. Airplanes can be cold, so I am going to wear a wrap cardigan similar to this one from Barefoot Dreams. It’s soft, made from bamboo, and will wrap around me like a blanket.

Pashmina, compression socks, flats. Got to finish it up with the critical accessories.

Dressed this way, I will be super comfy, have layers so I can deal with temperature variations, and still look nice enough to travel with co-workers. Sounds like a win to me!


  1. It sounds like a comfy and fashionable outfit. I wore leggings to work yesterday (gasp!) under a long sweater with high boots. I thought it looked nice and was very comfortable. My colleague asked if they were leggings and said they looked nice and “not like leggings,” which she meant as a compliment 🙂

  2. Yay to leggings! Can’t beat them for comfort with a long top and boots or pretty ballerinas.

    I’m wearing something pretty similar to your travel outfit today, right down to the asymmetric cardi. I can’t say I’ve managed more than 24 hours travel in one go recently, but I reckon you’ll arrive in Manila fresh as a daisy.

  3. Airport leggings are the only thing that makes air travel bearable for me. Thank you ladies for looking so good in them!

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