An Interesting Morning

Have you ever had one of those mornings where everything is just a little off? Not bad, really, just little things that don’t go the way you wish they would, that snowball until you wondered how you made it to work at all? Today, trying to get to Nashville just for the day, was one of those mornings for me.

Having to wake up at 4am is never fun, but I went to bed before midnight last night so that at least I would get a little sleep. Of course, I woke up every hour for various reasons. My dog moved, my phone made a noise, my husband had to get up, etc. So when 4am came around I was groggy, but I got up.

Last night, when I was getting everything ready for this morning, I made sure the pants I wanted to wear were ready to go. This morning when I put them on, they were so wrinkled from the knee down that it looked like someone had wrung them out before they dried. Okay, on to outfit plan B. Luckily I had one ready, otherwise I may have panicked.

I managed to get the rest of my morning routine done, get my coffee, and get into the car only about ten minutes late. I start driving, and exit the highway for the road that will eventually lead me to the airport. Except after I get about a mile down, I see that there is a cop car, completely blocking the road. So I have to turn around, go back to the highway, and take another way to the airport that of course takes longer.

When I arrive, I’m a little concerned because a) there are only 45 minutes until my plane leaves, and b) it’s Monday so I know the lines will be long. I was not disappointed–the lines were incredibly long. Even the line to print out boarding passes was long. I manage to get my pass and get into the Premium Customer lane. Although I was flying Southwest, I’ve always gotten into the Premium Customer line and showed my American Platinum card, and they have allowed me to do that. Of course, this morning the guy checking to make sure only actual premium customers are in the line gives me a hard time, but whatever. But then our line takes forEVER. A lady that got in the normal lane at the same time I got in line went through faster than I did.

By the time I make it to my gate, they are boarding. I get right into line and on the plane, no breakfast of course, but I’m just glad I made my flight. And the best part of my morning, one of my friends is on the flight so we get to visit. After chatting for a while about various things, we notice that we haven’t actually taken off yet. No announcements had been made, so we just figure we have to hang out for a bit longer. After realizing that it’s 6:35, and we should have already landed in Houston (where I was connecting to Nashville), I start to get anxious. Then the announcement is finally made: it’s a mechanical issue and we are going back to the gate. (BTW, what is going on with Southwest these days?? They have had some awful luck lately.) By the time a gate opens up, it is after 7 and there is no way I could make my connection. Taking the next flight means that I would arrive in Nashville around 1:30pm. At that point I decide to cut my losses, call my travel agent to cancel my trip, and go home.

So. That was my interesting morning. Hopefully my next trip goes more smoothly!


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