What to Wear to the Airport: Warm Weather Clothes

Earlier this week the temperature here in Texas was 95 degrees. Not kidding. I keep hoping spring will come back, but I’m not holding my breath. Because if I do I will most certainly pass out from the heat. All of my black, winter-y, heavy clothes are too hot, to0 restrictive, and I am ready to find some new stuff. Although the clothes out right now don’t thrill me, I’m determined to find something that is summer-ready.

What I really want is a white skirt (like this pencil skirt from Boden), but there is no way I would travel in white. Airports and airplanes are dirty, and wearing white is just asking for something to spill on you in transit. So I’m thinking more along the lines of these stone-colored slacks from J. Crew. A lightweight (but not sheer!) print blouse is a great way to stay cool, and I love this sleeveless ruffled top from Banana Republic. Top it off with this short sleeved cardigan from LL Bean. Finish with some cute peep-toe flats, and you will be keeping it cool and professional on your next trip.



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