What to Wear to the Airport: Skirts from Boden

In my seemingly never ending quest for summer appropriate work clothes that are good for travel, I may have found a light. Have you heard of Boden? Until recently, I had not. But in the comments of my favorite blog  Corporette, this UK brand was mentioned repeatedly as having true-to-size, quality, affordable, and super cute garments. When I checked them out, I had to agree. Here are my favorite skirts from their summer collection.

Love, love the Swishy Viscose Skirt. It looks comfy, is adorable, and all of the colors are very cute, summery, and fun. My favorite is the Jade Abstract, although the other two are great as well. I would order the “long” so that it’s 22 inches vs. 19, and pair it with a neutral colored top (white, brown, taupe) and bronze flats.

The Laces Linen Pintuck Skirt in Caramel is as interesting as a print but as versatile as a neutral. You could pair it with basically any color blouse or cardi, and any color shoes.

I can’t pick a favorite color in the Carnation Capri Sateen Pencil Skirt. The navy, pink, yellow, and brown are all equally fabulous. I really love the way they have styled these, with different colors than I would have thought of.

When my clothing budget refreshes at the end of this month (spent this one’s on triathlon stuff, which, wow can get expensive) I will be getting all of these skirts, and will report back on how they work.


  1. I would not wear a skirt to the airport. Have you ever been selected for a patdown? If you’re wearing a skirt, the TSA agent will reach under it and her hand will be on your underwear. That’s going a little bit too far for my stranger-touching comfort level.

  2. That’s a great point. One of the things I am posting about next week is that when I travel in skirts or dresses I wear bike shorts underneath, just in case of the pat down. And honestly, it just gets too hot to wear pants everywhere!

  3. Agreed! Flowy skirts or airy dresses are my favorite pieces to wear to the airport. As long as they’re long enough, you can sit however you’d like comfortably. But, great point about the patdown, Eponine. I haven’t been frisked yet when traveling, so I’ll make sure so have on bike shorts underneath next time. Thanks, Road Warriorette!

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